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To The Official

As you know, only one really knows best...our dear God. I pay homage to our God who allowed me to act in a show that launched my career and made it possible for me to continue in life, learn and help others find peace and happiness in their own world. Please look around and find out what I've been up to. Then please write to me if you choose. Thank you for coming to this site and finding interest in my life. God bless you all.
Hello Darling Friends!! Happy Passover to my Jewish Friends!! And soon, Happy Easter to my Christian Friends!
GUESS WHAT???!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS, MARCH 5TH, 2015 I am hosting another trip to ISRAEL and a side trip to Paris or Greek Islands.
For those who live in the VERO BEACH, Fl. area, I have a Israeli Friend who is in the business of tourism coming to do a presentation. If you would like to attend this meeting, we will be telling what we will be doing on our trip, where we will visit, how much it will cost etc, etc. PLEASE EMAIL me directly at Lets plan for a great trip together!!
Love ya all.....Lauren